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Free emailer marketing software Now handles un-subscribes automatically and has analytics (who opened your emails)

How the Emailer application works

The system emails recipients the contents of a template chosen by the user one by one as though you had written each email individually. The email subject and body contents are amended to personalise each email. Templates can be created from within the application and formatted to create full HTML format emails and newsletters. The application is a Windows application with easily recognisable buttons, multi-select drop down lists, hyperlinks and the major controls are replicated in the top level menu for use without a mouse. It sends emails to win you business.

Elegant emails and newsletters

Either create your own in the software or import an email or newletter into the system easily with a couple of clicks. There is a comprehensive document editing control based on major word processing software products.

Personalised emails

The software allows you to dynamically alter the content of the email according to the current record; this gives each email the look of an individually written email! The personalised functionis very simple to use and very similar to how the major word processing products such as Microsoft Word create email merges. It personalises emails to win you business.



Here the records can be added, amended or deleted. The process is very self explanatory and easy to use. To move from record to record use the Show Record control and to find a company enter the first few characters of the name into the ‘Search for companies' box. It optimises emails to win you business.


Unsubscribing email addresses from Emailer
It's very important to unsubscribe recipients of your emails who wish to be unsubscribed and that's why Emailer allows you to process unsubscribes automatically with no effort.

1 - Automatically process unsubscribes

When any recipient of your emails replies back with 'unsubscribe' in the subject, then Emailer will automatically unsubscribe them from your database.

Emailer has the option of automatically adding unsubscribe text to the foot of your emails. It also gives you a personal webpage where they can add any other email addresses they would like to unsubscribe from.

Click on the following to see an example:

When the recipient enters their email address in the above webpage and clicks on "Unsubscribe', it will send an email to the entered email address. These email addresses will be automatically unsubscribed.

Any bounce back emails are processed in the same way as unsubscribe emails.

What happens when I get a database update?
When you receive an automatic update for your database(s), Emailer will not overwrite the unsubscribed emails.

2- Unsubscribing a list you already have

If you already have a list of unsubscribes from previous email campaigns with a different system, you can simply import them into Emailer.

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